July 31, 2021

11 Binge worthy Anime You Can Finish In a Day

There’s nothing better than when you have no plans except to binge-watch an entire anime in one sitting. Luckily I got you covered with the 11 best anime you can finish in a day.



So starting off at 11 we have welcome to the ballroom, this anime probably has the weirdest concept on the list it’s about ballroom dancing. Now I know you’re probably thinking like get that simp schmidt out of here, but listen this anime is pretty good and falls under the category of a sports anime. If you know anything about sports anime they can just make anything seem interesting from bike riding to volleyball. The strengths of this anime are its excellent pacing and soundtrack.



 At number 10 we have one punch man now most of you have probably already watched this anime but I feel like it would be a sin not to put it on the list. Its a master of comic relief and a parody that can lighten up anyone’s day. Its strengths are its excellent animation. Yes, it does have a second season but honestly, it’s not even close to as good as the first.


At number 9 we have devil may cry. Now it does have self-contained stories which means that it gets pretty repetitive if you plan on watching all at once however even with that said watching Dante kill demons all day is still a pretty good day in my book. If you like anime like Hellsing ultimate you’ll love this show. Now I’m pretty biased but I love the art style within this anime.



At number 8 we have ERASED this anime pretty popular even though before making this video I had no clue it existed if you like promised neverland you’ll enjoy this one despite it being about kids it’s definitely not for kids and it’s for the senien audience. This anime is pretty dark and falls into the mystery and psychological genre.


At number 7 we have grand blue now this is the only anime that isn’t completely over the top and falls under the slice of life genre. If kick back and relax with a nice and easy anime this is definitely worth checking out. It’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t live by yourself I would probably not recommend playing this on your tv or out loud.


Gurren Lagann is the longest on the list at 27 episodes but it’s so ducking good that I can easily watch the series in a day. If you like your anime over the top which I do. you will want to give this a shock it invokes the manly spirit making you feel like you can overcome anything the classic shonen.


At number 5 we have the promised neverland. Despite what it looks like this show is not for kids. It has elements of mystery and horror and is a very well-paced anime that can keep you coming back for more. One thing I hate it when things become randomly convenient for the main character it gives off a cheap feeling however luckily for us the promised neverland does the exact opposite in this thrilling series.


At number 4 we have fate/stay night unlimited blade works probably one of the most stunning anime on the list the first two episodes are pretty slow-paced but trust me things start to pick up after that, I mean just look at this ducking art style.


At number 3 prison school this is no doubt the weirdest anime on the list. Its perverted humor similar to the grand blue but on crack, if you’re new to anime I would suggest watching grand blue first and if that’s too much for you… Run. If you decide to watch it I don’t recommend watching this in your living room or out loud if you live with other people.



So coming at number two devil man cry baby this anime won anime of the year even though I don’t think it should have. It’s still a good show to binge-watch it has a unique art style and a great soundtrack that will give you a breath of fresh air. Just as a warning this is the most disturbing anime on the list if your into that sort of thing.



So first on the list is Mob Psycho 100 now it’s really close to one punch man since it was made by the same creator if you like the same style of over the top action with comedy you’ll love this show.