June 20, 2021

Top 3 Cute Anime Girl characters that are Dangerous and beautiful

When it comes to beauty, the anime girl characters in every series checks that box. However we are going to list all the possible cute anime girl characters that are both dangerous and beautiful at the same time. So let’s find out who those characters are

Kofuku Ebisu from “Noragami”

Kofuku seems like a beautiful and an attractive teenager. As like Karuta Roromiya she has pink hair which becomes curly at the end. Her personalty is somewhat colorful in the sense that she has a carefree and a light headed mind and she loves to have fun as a teenager and sometimes she is also very greedy.

She is a goddess and she represents Poverty. She is basically like a lightning rod which attracts misfortune. Sometimes even without an intention, she hurts people around her because of this power. Basically she steals and kills all the luck around her, and brings unluckiness to everyone around her. So she can be considered as a powerful anime character even though she looks really beautiful.

Kofuku Ebisu cute anime girl

Konjiki no Yami cute anime girl from “To Love-Ru”

This anime girl is an assassin from the anime called the “To Love-Ru“, She is known as “Konjiki no Yami“, or also known as “Yami” for short. Although this assassin girl has a child like figure and has a cute and long blonde hair with dark red eyes, remember she is an assassin. She has few other signature looks that sets her apart as a beautiful blonde girl and that is her black leather outfit which brings out more of a Gothic style to her. Even though she is 15 years old, she is good at what she is doing and there is a small 15 year old girl hidden in her head somewhere and that is why she sometime shows that child like behavior to us. She was once a happy and very cheerful kid before becoming an assassin. So she is definitely a force not to be reckoned with and also she is one of the top beautiful anime girl characters that we have seen.

konjiki no yami anime girl

Karuta Roromiya from “Inu x Boku SS

And the next deadly but cute anime girl we have is Karuta from Inu x Boku SS. Wearing the color black give out a very mysterious vibe to any person, so this anime character always like to be mysterious by wearing black and as a special characteristic she has a cute pigtails that is pink in color matching her eye colors. Who doesn’t like food right? Well this character has a obsession with like you and me. She is always carrying some food with her to chow down. She seems to be a emotionless, and distant character, but I assure you, she really cares and she has a innocent heart.

So when it comes to powers, she is a literally a giant skeleton walking! She can transform into a huge skeleton (the starving skeleton). And also she has other superpowers like invisibility, enhanced strength, enhanced speed and also unbreakable bones. She is a fierce one and a force not to be reckoned with.

Karuta Roromiya cute anime girl

So these are the admins top 3 Cute Anime Girl characters that are Dangerous and beautiful at the same time. Comment below for your top picks.

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