July 31, 2021

Most brave anime girl in Naruto

Naruto was an anime series that every one of us liked. Naruto taught us how to overcome problems, to have courage, perseverance, the will to success and many more things. For those who do not know about this series, it is basically about a boy who lost his parents, who becomes the savior of the ninja world by overcoming hardship throughout his life. That is like the short version of the story. But this article isn’t about that boy. This article is about an anime girl named Hinata Hyuga. Who falls in love with this anime boy. So let’s get to know this amazing character.

The brave lovable anime girl

Hinata Hyuga, who is from the Hyuga clan is the heiress of the Clan. Her farther is Hiashi Hyūga, who is the head of the clan. And because of her farther is the head of the clan, he expected great things from her. And she was pressured every time to fight and train. However her farther did not believe that she could not make it and eventually he disinherit her.

On the day of her enrollment to the academy, this anime girl was picked on by bullies, because of her eyes. And when Naruto saw this, he came and tried to fight off the bullies away. However, he did not succeed. He got knocked out and was unconscious. But he did not gave up. On this day onward, Hinata started to watch Naruto and what he did. And slowly Hinata fell in love with him. But she did not know how to express her love. She was a very shy anime girl.

hinata anime girl

After joining the group 8, she was faced with many challenges. Although it took her on a slower path, the perseverance of Naruto, inspired Hinata to become a fierce, but a kind hearted ninja. Finally she did let him know that she loved him. And they got married and they had two beautiful babies. She is an inspiring character who taught us how to become the best version of your self and believe in yourself even if the world doesn’t believe in you.

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