July 31, 2021

Most expected anime of 2021

It is well known that in the middle of the year there are always great surprises for the anime world and especially series confirmations that will see the light of day to start the coming year Starting in January, a series of anime awaited by a huge fan base begins This year many expected anime are coming and that given the world situation due to the covid19 many titles were delayed until the following year there are many titles that I have managed to collect. So I decided to divide this article into two parts and here I bring you the first part of the most anticipated and confirmed anime to date for 2021. Let’s start.


Before starting I wanted to recommend the videogame the ride shadow legends is an RPG videogame with excellent graphics and very addictive, also easy to play available for mobile and computers, both pc and mac computers, the videogame this epic dark fantasy where we will have a series of champions that we will be able to train throughout the video game and improve their skills and level up to advance in the adventure. They have different factions to choose from but my favorite faction is the dark elves. I like magic. I will not deny you Gael is one of the most useful with great magic power with skills that generate critics and random drawings the game has various campaigns to tilt in the app that you have to test where you will receive rewards and successfully pass each one of them also if you try the video game from the link that provides you in the description you will not only be helping me but you will also receive rewards you can do it if you are a new player You can get an exclusive welcome pack containing 10,000 silver 50 ruby ​​ 10 mister charts and a free champion named slater download ride away is totally free to your mobile or computer from the link that I share in the description claim all gifts of this size entry that is from the main menu side of the game as I show you right now I wait for you in the fantastic world of therapy in raid shadow legends


We start with Yuru Camp and the confirmation of its second season that will premiere in the winter season 2021 that begins in the month of January in Japan. We continue Nadeshiko’s journey with Rin, after meeting on the road to Mount Fuji and learning what new adventures these high school students have in store for them. In the second season of Yuru Camp


 Go-tobun no hanayome Season 2 Outlandish and awkward situations return from Futarō when trying to justify his exorbitant salary as a study tutor with the quintuplets and in his eagerness to try to teach these sisters with different personalities and with his little interest in learning something The second season of the anime was scheduled to premiere in January 2020, however this was delayed for reasons that are not known, then it was moved to the autumn season, but they finally decided to release it in January 2021 given the inconveniences generated by the pandemic in japan


Yuri on ice, ice adolescence Yuri On Ice, that anime that only Yuri has the name, and that narrates that motivating adventure of Yuri in becoming the best ice skater along with his outgoing and overly loving trainer Viktor. Their film had been scheduled for 2019, however for production reasons it was suspended until further notice, apparently because the story presented did not appeal to the studio at all and they chose to redo many parts and rewrite almost half of the script, the new date Attempt to release the film that will include the closing of the history of the sport and its protagonists is sometime in 2021.


The Promised Neverland Season 2 The tragic story of Norman, Enma and Ray after escaping the mother’s orphanage where they discover the reality of their existence, in search of a way out where they and all the children of the orphanage can live in peace in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by demonic creatures that feed on the brains of children continues their journey in this second season of the anime. Previously scheduled for January 2020, then postponed for fall in the October season, to finally be confirmed for January 2021.


Free! the movie Free! The film is another of the works most anticipated by the general public, which tells how the sport of swimming is and the challenges that must be carried out along with the conflicts and motivations of the protagonists, where there will be a closing of the story featured in Free! Eternal Summer. The film would be released in December 2019, but due to the tragic fire caused by a subject in studio 1 of the animation studio KyotoAnimation that took the lives of more than 35 people among animators, directors, cartoonists and long-distance runners who led the production of both free as Violet Evergarden. The studio was in mourning and recovering from such irreplaceable people and where material from these productions was lost, the Free movie has been delayed until 2021.


Ultraman season 2 The second season of the anime made between Production IG and Netflix Ultraman, finally gives signs of life, a production that will see the light exclusively on the Netflix platform finally for some time in 2021. It is the only information that is handled regarding it. It is still unknown what events will occur in this new season of the anime


A long-awaited film by fans for several years now, Sailor Moon Eternal, which follows events in the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal and forms the first of its two parts of the dream arc, based on the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi The films had been confirmed for the summer of 2020, and would have been released in the month of August however they were delayed until 2021 due to the situation of the Civid 19 in Japan, these two films will also be made by Toei Animation and the studio Deen who will make the second installment under the supervision of Toei Animation The first film will open on January 8, 2021 and the second will open on February 11, 2021 in Japanese theaters.


Hataraku Saibou season 2 The anime that gives anthropomorphic forms to the interior of the human body is back with a second season that is carried out by the animation studio David production where other disease situations will be presented and how the body reacts to them so we will see where the story of our beloved red blood cell will end with the emotionless lord and intruder annihilator inside the white blood cell organism. The anime is slated to premiere in January 2021.


Blade Runner Black Lotus An anime set in the universe of the acclaimed sci-fi movie Blade Runner. Which will take place in the year 2032, placing itself between both films of the universe, bringing both new and familiar characters before the eyes of the fans, in this series it will place 17 years before Blade Runner ‘2049’ and 10 years after the events of Black Out 2022 The production will be led by the creative team of Adult Swim, who worked on anime such as Afro Samurai and Samurai Champloo. Crunchyroll will be responsible for its broadcast to all fans in the world Its premiere will be sometime in 2021.


Tiger and Bunny Season 2 The massive advertising anime to real companies with powerups is back with a second season The series takes place in a fictional version of New York, called Sternbild City. Where many years ago people with super powers called “NEXT” appeared. The most famous heroes of the city work for a sponsor company, and their uniforms also contain advertising from the actual sponsors of the series, it should be noted that the first season for the Japanese is considered to be one of the best beings ever made, which I differ quite.


The curious anime of Zombieland saga that shows a musical anime in a very original way mixing horror and the supernatural with the world of Idols is back with its long-awaited second season that due to unknown mysteries and the supernatural with the world of Idols is back with its long-awaited second season that due to unknown mysteries Now it has been confirmed that it will see the light sometime in 2021 and that the project had not been canceled as many media had indicated


Deku, Bakugo, Allmight and all the team that makes up the UA are back with the fifth season of My Hero Academia with the adaptation of the Joint Training arc Five rounds are carried out in this My Hero Academia arc, of which 4 have already concluded. The most important thing in this story is everything Midoriya learns about his Quirk and everything he can do with it Furthermore, Midoriya learns a secret about All for All, one that none of the previous users dreamed existed. But that won’t be all, the villains will also make an appearance and start moving their pawns Without a doubt one of the most interesting seasons of the Boku no Hero Academia is coming. There is no release date yet but it is expected that it can be released in the spring season of 2021 that begins in April


Yoh Asakura is back with Amidamaru and his gang of spirit bearers. We will relive his adventure in the shaman world again as he confronts his brother Hao for the throne’s fight to become the supreme god all as shaman king This reboot will tell the full story of the manga with the same cast from the first anime, in addition to having the same soundtrack as the first adaptation of the year 2001. Finally, fans can see 100% adapted this incredible story of one of the best shonen of recent years. Its premiere is scheduled for the month of April, in the spring season of 2021. And you are eager to see the reboot of Shaman King?


The extraordinary and acclaimed work of Katsuhiro Otomo Akira, considered a cult film for animation, will feature an adaptation in a television series format that narrates the events of his work as it occurred in the 1988 film. This adaptation will be carried by the Shin Animation animation studio that we will see possibly through the screens of the Netflix platform in 2021 where we will relive the universe of Akira with Kaneda and Tetsuo


Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen Final Season What many fans have been asking for over the years has become a reality, Bleach’s long-awaited adaptation of the 1000-year war arc After the anime’s cancellation due to the low audience rating in 2012. The story was incomplete after the end of the fullbringers arc This new adaptation is expected to end with the events of the novel that came out later at the end of the manga where it ends in a better way. And I hope it is not pierrot who encourages it. This new season is estimated to have between 50 to 72 episodes and to end the story of ichigo kurosaki the substitute shinigami. Its premiere will be sometime in 2021.


Isekai Quartet Season 3 The curious parody of the isekai from kodokawa magazine are back with a third season where we will continue with the absurd adventures of the characters of all these isekai in chibi format inside a classroom. The third season will premiere sometime in 2021 And so we come to the end.