July 31, 2021

One Punch Man: Garou The Ultimate Monster

One punch man have been a huge comedy based action packed anime series so far. And let’s get one thing out of the way, the season 2 of the series was not the story that we all have hoped for. If you are new to one punch man, this contains spoilers and I recommend you not to read this. And with that out of the way, it is time to discuss the elephant in the room. The One Punch Man: Garou monster dilemma shook everyone in the one punch man fan base as to who is this Garou character that desperately tries to become a monster instead of a hero and what lead to this.

One Punch Man Garou

One Punch Man: Garou All Transformations

In season 2 we just saw Garou begin his monster transformation or “monsterfication” process with red hair and a red right eye. But this is the very beginning stages of his transformations and will eventually develop into the strongest monster the entire one punch man universe has ever seen. Garou who considers himself a human monster increases his strength at the speed of a Saiyan with multiple battles and near-death experiences increasing his strength and abilities. He basically have 6 transformations and these include normal Garou, half monster Garou, half monster Garou level 2, awakened Garou, monster Garou and monster king Garou. However these transformation names were never mentioned in the manga or the webcomic.

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Fate of Garou in One punch man Season 03

This part of the article is brought to you by the help of the one punch man Manga. In the beginning of one punch man season 3, Garou will meet the monster association which he really wants nothing to do with. However Gyoro Gyoro the mastermind behind the monster association has plans for him to surpass even the monster king Orochi. He sees the potential in Garou and knows that the secret to bringing out his fullest potential as a monster is through near-death experiences.

Gyoro Gyoro puts him through tremendous tests bringing him to the brink of death several times. First he sends Royal Ripper and Bug God who are both disaster level demons to try and beat him. Since he was protecting the little kid that he finds in the season 02, he leaves himself vulnerable and gets hurt extremely bad by the two monsters. The monsters take the kid back to the monster Association as Garou lay in a pool of his own blood. After he awakens and goes after the kid, this time he now has more power since he faced a near-death experience. When he meets Royal Ripper again he literally punches his head off and he notices that his clothes have melted into his body becoming one with him and this is his next stage. And so on he becomes more and more powerful eventually even facing the monster king Orochi and facing him head on.

Garou Vs Saitama

Saitama will face Garou in the end of the season 03 and this battle will be a spectacular one as Garou now is more powerful than the monster king himself. This fight will become a spectacular, but not because of the powers that these anime characters now posses, but the paths that these characters have chosen and how far they have come. And this fight will end fulfilling everyone’s dreams of a great fight between two super powerful characters and will result a huge change in the plot of the entire one punch man anime series in the end.

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