July 31, 2021

One Punch Man Season 3: What Will Happen In The End

One punch man, as you know is a phenomenal anime series with twists and turns in the series everywhere that nobody expected. With a mix of comedy being thrown simultaneously with a combinations of serious punchy dialogues, this has to be one of the best action comedy anime series’s of all time. This was first a Japaneses based webcomic. And then later on adapted to being a manga and after that, the anime adaptation came into play. For those who wishes to watch the series, do not worry, this won’t spoil the series at all.

one punch man saitama

Story up to one punch man season 1

Saitama as a character gives out chill vibe as to other characters in the anime series. He is kind of a laid back anime character. A prime example of that is that his first intro of him was that he is ” Someone who is a hero for fun ” against a monster(vaccine man). That is the most absurd entrance quote for a superhero. The story then flashbacks to three years, to a fully haired man that resembles Saitama. This the first time that the fans get to see Saitama with hair. This scene shows him as an unemployed powerless character. He comes a long way being that powerless character. He is quote humble for a superhero.

The introduction of Genos the cyborg was also done in the season one. As the season one ends, Saitama becomes a member of the hero association alongside Genos. However everyone thinks that he is a cheat or a hack simply claiming other peoples victories to himself. Everyone except, Genos. The season one ends with the boss battle, giving the victory to the hero of the series. But the boss ends the battle saying that although he enjoyed the battle, Saitama did not. Saitama is searches for a villain who can be an equal match to him.

What happened in one punch man Season 02

Many of the one punch man fans were disappointed about the season 02 as it had lacked the flame or the punch that everyone expected. Although it had all the comedy that it needed, what the fans missed was the action that the previous season had. When the second season aired, the fans had a hope that this series is gonna be a better series than the first one.

In the second season, there was the introduction of a new character named Garou who calls himself as the hero hunter. This whole basically revolved around Garou and his past. Even on the encounter with Saitama on the second season, he seems to be really weak compared to Saitama. However, we can assume that the season two was not too punchy enough for a reason. Since Saitama wanted a greater class of villains, who he can fight with, it can be assumed that this new character will play a major role in season to come.

What to expect in season 03?

With the rising of the monster association, the second season ended in a very weird way as to depict that there is gonna be a another season with more monsters. As for the release date for the new season is yet to be released. However it can be assumed that the new season won’t be delayed like the second season. As the gap between the first season and second was 3 years apart. An official twitter account post of the one punch man anime conveyed that the planning of the next season is being done. But an exact date cannot be confirmed. But we can assume that this new season will fall on the mid 2020 or the beginning of the 2021.

This next season is gonna have a lot of monsters that Saitama going to have to defeat. So everyone must be ready to see a guy who is hero for fun get into action.

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