July 31, 2021

One Punch Man Workout Explained Fully

One punch man as you all know is a superb hit among the anime fans. From every corner of the anime world everybody liked one punch man. This anime was first introduced as a web comic which was then later converted to manga. Within after few months the manga was released, the fan count went up in millions. With fans asking to make a manga and day by day the fans of this popular character grew, And later came the production of the anime named as One Punch man anime series.

one punch man saitama

This anime is about a guy who lives in a earth much like similar to ours, but with monsters and super heroes to fight them. These super heroes are divided into classes such as Class A, Class B, Class C, Class S and among these classes, S class is the strongest among them all. And the as well as the heroes, the monsters are also divided into level of threats and damage that they can do. These threats are known as Demon level, Tiger level, Dragon level and among these threat levels, Dragon level causes the most damage and may even lead to the destruction of earth.

The secret behind the One punch man Workout

Now at the beginning of the anime series, Genos the deciple asks Saitama about how he became that strong. But at the beginning he was hesitant to reveal that to him even though Genos asks Saitama several times . But at the 3rd episode of the series, where he fights a Carnage Kabuto, he finally reveals the secret behind his extreme strength. The all powerful one punch man broken down to some simple exercises. And everyone in that room thought Saitama was lying since, some simple exercises cannot make a man that strong. Even Genos was furious at that moment. But Saitama was all along told the truth.

What is this big workout?

When this workout was revealed at the third episode of the first season, even the anime fans thought Saitama must be lying. So what is this big workout?

  • 100 Push-Ups ,100 Sit-Ups , 100 Squats
  • 10KM Running (6.2 miles)

These were the exact words from Saitama.

But he it is not what he did. It is about how he did the workout. He tells that you need to workout every day, 7 days a week without even having a simple day off. He says at the beginning that it took him full three years to get that strong. Plus you need to eat healthily. Three meals a day is necessary and just a banana is fine as the breakfast. And you have to train your mind to be strong and you must not use air conditioning or heat. He says the perfect thing at the end, that human beings are strong because we can change ourselves.

Let’s break down this workout from one punch man

Now this is going to involve some workout science. If you are looking to increase your core strength altogether with endurance and you hope to get a nice fat reduced body? Then this Workout will be the best workout from an anime series for you. However, since these are words from an anime series, I am going to make it simple and give a less intense workout for anyone to try.

Push ups: Now first off, let’s talk about the push ups. Now this exercise will be perfect for your shoulders, chest, uppper abs, delts and also traps. With a 100 push ups, its like doing 20 set push up with 5 repetitions. But here, there is no resting time. So for a normal humans like us, a simple 20 set push up with 5 repetitions has to be done in intervals or anyone can try it 50 push ups in the morning and 50 in the afternoon.

Sit-ups: Now let’s move on to the sit-ups. Now sit-ups are going to be perfect for your abs, lower back and your obliques. For a beginner, 100 sit-ups would be really hard, so my advice would be to try to do 20 at the beginning and gradually increase the count. You will be able to do 100 sit-ups in no time.

Squats: Now moving on to Squats, this exercise will increase your strength in Quads, hips, calves, knees, hamstring and also your back. Now this is not like doing squats in the gym with weights on, this is different and this is body weight squats and this can be done easily without any equipment. If a 100 is too much at the beginning, anyone can reduce it to 30 and move on from there.

10 Km Run: Now for the 10 km run everyday, this is a hard thing to do for a normal person who isn’t trained. So what I would recommend is that, do a interval running training. This way, you can increase the length you run each day as fast as possible.

Are there any benefits?

A strong heart: Since running pumps blood through out your body, eventually this exercise will make your heart muscles strong and a good flow of oxygen will reach every part of your body.

Endurance: What these constant workout will do to your body besides a good strong heart is that your endurance level will rise drastically.

No-gym: Since these all workouts said by Saitama are all body weight training, there can be no excuse of saying that you don’t have time, money or a place. Anyone can do these workouts at home without any trouble.

Results and things to consider

As humans, we can change ourselves. This was the most profound thing said by Saitama at that moment. And eat three meals per day.

In order for your body to grow, you must be give your body the necessary nutrients. And well balanced diets will go a long way.

Since these are fairly simple workouts, anyone can do this. However sometimes complications can arose. So you should always consult a professional before doing any workout.

In conclusion, one punch man gives everyone a challenge. And if anyone wants to be strong in body and mind, you should try out this workout.

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