July 31, 2021

Perfect Anime Couple of all time

When it comes to the perfect anime couple, there are several couples that comes to mind. These couples reminds us what is the true meaning of love. Today we will look into the couple Eren and Miakasa. This couple comes form the anime series known as the Attack on Titan. This series still ongoing and it struck as an major series that had a huge impact on the anime world.

This anime revolves around a world where humans are protecting themselves from Titans whose sole motivation is to eat humans. When the Titans first appeared 100 years ago, the humans barricaded themselves around giant walls. The story starts as a giant Titan smashed through the walls and let other Titans go on a rampage and eat the humans inside the wall.

Chemistry between the Cute Anime Couple

The anime boy who is named as Eren is the step brother of Mikasa who is a beautiful anime girl. Mikasa got adopted by Erens family after her parents were murdered. Mikasa has trouble expressing her feelings and Eren can’t seem to shut up. This is a perfect combination. There relationship shifts more towards a parent and a child bond. However sometimes the viewers can see that these roles changes more towards emotional love like a couple. However Eren looks at Mikasa as more of protector and a caretaker. And Eren looked after his step sister.

Eren-and Mikasa Anime Couple

There are few couples in the anime world that many anime fans support and has even taken sides. The anime series known as Naruto and this series has a love triangle between Naruto the main anime boy, Hinata the shy anime girl and Sakura, the strong powerful girl. And this love triangle was an intense one and anyone who has seen the series would agree.

Eren and Mikasa in the series Attack on Titan brings out a special bond between a anime couple that no any person can describe. And this is a perfect example for a amazing and a lovely couple.

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