June 20, 2021

Top 3 Shy Anime girl characters in the Anime World

Often anime girl characters in any anime proves to be tough. However there are few characters in the anime world who are still shy. Today we are gonna discuss about who those characters are and we will place them accordingly. This is the point of view from the admins side and this can be changed according to any reader perspective.

3. Julis Riessfeld anime girl from Asterisk War

 Julis Riessfeld anime girl

This character as we all know from the Asterisk War is at the first glance seems to be very stubborn, distant and a stubborn person. However as the story goes on, she seems to be just an innocent girl who seems to be uncertain on expressing her feeling in anyway whatsoever.

This anime girl is as I like to call part tsundere, part dandere, she’s quite easily agitated. Although she is a princess, she likes every common folks favorite thing; fast foods and making her a shy but arrogant character makes her a unique anime girl among other anime girls.

And also a very cute anime girl who is lovable by anyone.

And the admin gives this arrogant but shy princess the 3rd place on the list!

2. Mio Akiyama from K-ON!

Mio Akiyama anime girl

This awkward cute anime girl is the second vocalist of the band Ho-kago, and this scaredy-cat cute girl is everyone’s favorite! She seems to be mature and also strict, but this character without a doubt is a scaredy-cat.

She seems to be scared of the spot light whenever she is under it.

Whenever she is given attention, she tries to avoid it completely. And whenever she is nervous it is very interesting to watch the show. She is a mix of maturity, anxiety and avoiding spotlight.

She is placed at No. 2 on this list!

1. Hinata from Naruto

hinata anime girl

Our main anime girl, Hinata is the epitome of shyness. When it comes to hinata, she is afraid and shy about everything. But she is also in love with Naruto, who is the main character of the series. She has no idea what she needs to do in order to get the love of Naruto. As the beginning of the anime, she seems to be a quite student who has good knowledge in everything about being a ninja.

But every time she encounters Naruto, she becomes so shy she faints in front of her. Have you ever seen someone who faints because of the shyness. She has mixed feelings about Naruto along with love, anxiety and shyness.

However, the best part of the Naruto series is that when Naruto confesses his love for Hinata. Of all the best moments in the series, that moment is the best.

Though years of shyness and anxiety she finally got Naruto to confess his love for her. No one can come close to the shyness that she had and that is why shes’ the No. 1 on this list!

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