July 31, 2021

Top 10 Anime fights where Hero Takes ZERO Damage

These are the top 10 anime fights where the hero takes zero damage. For this list we’ll be looking at the times where anime protagonists manage to waste their foes without ever getting so much as a scratch.

10. Diablo Vs. Edelgard

This anime fights from the “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.” Edelgard is a fallen( Demonic being) and despite her formidable skills and the hellish hordes at her back Edelgard found herself woefully unprepared for Diablo and powers. Diablo who is Impervious to her strikes, the Demon Lord responded in kind with a single spell that not only destroyed Edelgard, but also wiped out an entire bridge and a good chunk of her forces along with her. But however she survived barely after the fight.

Diablo anime fights

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9. Meliodas Vs. Derieri & Monspeet

Following on from his quick jaunt through purgatory, Meliodas manages to save his beloved Elizabeth at the last second all before decimating the combined might of two of the ten commandments like they were nothing. Thanks to his new ruthless change in personality, it doesn’t take the Dragon sin of Wrath long to beat the blessing out of Derieri all before using his full counter to reflect Monspeet’s power back at them, turning the two demons to ash. This is a fight worth watching.

Meliodas anime fights

8. Ryuko Vs. Takaharu

This boxer should be thankful that he got to fight Ryuko when she was still embarrassed about wearing the dress in that fight. Otherwise he might have ended up losing more than just his clothes. In spite of the fact that the uniform is tad bit on the revealing side, the immense power of the Kamui was more than enough to stop Fukurodas punches from causing any damage whatsoever. Paving the way for Ryuko to pull out the sword and send him away for good. This was probably not the knockout he was hoping for.


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7. Mirio Vs. Class 1-A

It is no denying that this group of wannabe superheroes are talented to the point they’ve made the league of villains eat dirt on multiple occasions. However as this Smackdown proved they simply have a long way to go. Even with the combined talents of Deku, Todoroki, Iida and the rest they’re all woefully unprepared for the unbridled power of this third year student. Mirio may look a tad on the dorky side and somehow always end up naked, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he took down each member of class 1-A with a single strike. My Hero Academia contains some great anime fights that everyone should watch.

Mirio anime fights

6. Rimuru Vs. Ifrit

Ifrit is a spirit and this summon may be feared across the land as a conqueror of flames, but that doesn’t amount to much when you are fireproof. It is kind of hilarious that after emerging from Shizu embroiled in hellfire looking like a nigh unstoppable devil, the haunt fire starter can’t even singe one slime. Thanks to his predator ability, Rimuru was easily able to put an end to the raging beast that had plagued his one true waifu allowing him to end the scorching scuffle without ever having to worry about getting burnt. This was a very easy fight.

5. Zoro Vs. Hyouzou

We all know the vice-captain of the Straw Hats can take way more punches than the average mortal. So while we weren’t worried about him losing his life many of us were still convinced he would at least get scratched when going up against a drugged up octopus with a blade in each tentacle. But however after two years of training with zero skills, he had excelled so much that cutting apart the fish man’s weapons was almost second nature to him. Hyouzou really should have called it quits there instead of trying to launch a sneak attack with a bunch of half broken poison covered swords. That would have saved him from getting turned into takoyaki.

4. Reigen Vs. Claw

We still can’t get over the fact that the one who bring this division of a psychic criminal organization to its knees was Reigen. Reigen, the con man with an ironic talent for giving out great life advice. After being imbued with his current abilities, Reigen manages to make short work of Claws’ elite forces. He not only breaks apart their powers like they were nothing, but also he breaks their spirits by giving them a harsh dose of reality. I am not sure what’s more devastating, getting wrecked by a fake psychic or having your perspective shaken so much you give up being a bad person.

3. Ainz Ooal Gown Vs. Clementine

Clementine might have ended up getting slowly crushed to death by a skeletal ruler with a grudge, but look at the bright side she is the only one who managed to make the ruler of Nazarick use his own bony hands to kill someone as opposed to relying on magic. After butchering his human companions, the sadistic mercenary looked to put an end to the dark warrior named Momonga, only to discover there was more to him than meets the eye. She even slams blades into his eye sockets while her life was literally squeezed out of her, but even that was fruitless.

2. Kirito Vs. Titan’s Hand Guild

Even before he was glitching death, killing fairy kings and busting his way through final bosses, Kirito still had his own fair share of great moments. While escorting a fellow player on the journey to revive a beast companion of his, the two were ambushed by guild members looking for trouble. Unfortunately for Rosalia she and her crew ended up targeting the one guy that can’t be taken down. Thanks to a handy health regenerating item, Kirito is able to just stand back and let the rest of them hack away as they please. Which only resulted in them looking like idiots. This was an inspirational fight to see for sure. And this anime contains some intense anime fights.

1. Saitama Vs. Suiriyu

Despite his immensely arrogant attitude, Suiriyu proved himself to be a martial arts prodigy whose immense skills would excel in any other series. But he was forced to share a stage with the world’s strongest man, who not only takes no damage from one of his full frontal assaults, but manages to win the match by just shaking his hips around. It turns out that when the one punch man makes a mockery of martial arts, it’s still enough to send a master flying into a wall. This fight is both hilarious and energetic to watch.

one punch man anime fights

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These are the top 10 Anime fights where the Hero Takes ZERO Damage and these are some of the best anime series’s out there.