July 31, 2021

Top 10 List Of Powerful Digimon

When it comes to monsters in action, Digimon is without a doubt one of the greatest anime series that was ever produced with excellent seasons, tons of great movies and not to mention the video games that it provided.

10. Gallantmon crimson mode

The tamers team had to face one of the most dreadful adversaries in the Digimon Franchise. The D-reaper, while that beast might not eligible for this list, the Digimon that put up the greatest fight against it certainly does. By himself, Gallantmon had already had proved his worth by putting down antagonists like Beelzemon. But when things reached a deadly peak, Granny gave up his life in order to save the day. Now, Clad in granny’s crimson colors, Gallantmon power was amplified tenfold able to dish out attacks like the final Justice, as well as soar through the skies with its new wings. The form was resurrected again following the Parasimon crisis, where it was once again able to overcome some pretty unimaginable odds.

Digimon Gallantmon crimson mode

09. Alphamon

One of the few digital monsters to step up to Yggdrasil and live to tell the story. This lone warrior found himself constantly on the run from those who did not posses the X antibody. But he hadn’t yet learned of his true power, that of being the digital world Savior. Instead of bending to the will of his superiors’ Alphamon instead galvanized his comrades into protecting their wills and taking down his evil half Dexdorugamon. Which was a surprisingly easy feat, when he had the power of the ultimate battle blade “Ouryuken” in his hands. While there have been other reincarnations of Alphamon in adventure and the like for my money, this bad boy is the strongest.

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08. Lucemon

You know you’re in trouble, when the big bad’s champion form is more than capable of taking down the whole squad. Essentially, the Lucifer of the franchise, Lucemon was later to become the savior of the digital world until his heart twisted. He recruited the help of the corrupt royal knights to return his body to its most destructive state, absorbing the power of the digital world in the process. Here with transformation after transformation, Lucemon strengths continue to climb and he moved towards his ultimate goal of taking over the human world.

Lucemon Digimon

07. Xros Up Arresterdramon Superior Mode

While I am tempted to give this spot to Quartzmon, he relied a little too much on underhanded tactics rather than his own actual physical power. So instead, we’re going to give it to the tiny Titan, who was able to take him down moments after he took over the whole planet. With little hope left, Tagiru managed to digi cross Arresterdramon with the broken brave snatcher. A device that held the combined powers of all six legendary tamers including the likes of Tai, Davis and Marcus. With this ability fused into his very being, Arresterdramon was able to pears the core of Quartzmon, allowing Tagiru to save the world and claim the title of top hunter.

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06. MegaDarknessBagramon

They don’t come crueler than the big bad of digimon fusion, commanding his impressive squad. Bagramon was already powerful enough to take over the digital world in his base form. But when the rowdy Shapmon began to build an resistance, he took it upon himself to absorb his traitorous brother Skullknightmon, and reached a powerful demonic form. Now packing even more power than ever, Bagramon wasn’t content with just ruling the digital world. He also wanted to make the human world his home away from home. With this much power under his command, it was going to take a particularly righteous warrior, to take him down.

05. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

When big bad Diaboromon came back as Armageddemon, things looked pretty damn bleak for the chosen children. The beast made quick work of even Omnimon, something we hadn’t seen until that point. But that’s when the torch had to be passed to the next generation and Omnimon lends his power to Paildramon’s mega form, Imperialdramon. Now covered in celestial white armor and swinging the insanely broken Omni sword, Imperialdramon was able to reopen the old wound on Armageddemon’s head in a flash. It’s a shame, we never really saw more of him though.

04. Agumon Burst Mode

While I did originally want to put Yggdrasil  on this list, he actually isn’t categorized as a Digimon. So, who better to take his place than this small fella. This one may come as a surprise to many, since Marcus’s partner Agumon had already achieved higher levels, such as ShineGreymon burst mode. But this unexplained power he gains in the final battle, against king Drasil is not to be ignored. This burst mode allowed him to absorb digi soul energy from the other Digimon fighting for survival and direct its power straight to the tyrants.

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03. Susanoomon

Takuya and the gangs journey through the digital world let them together all ten of the legendary warrior spirits. Which were just the tools they needed to fuse into the ultimate war god, known as Susanoomon. This means that the strength of everything from emperor Gerymon to MagnaGarurumon was now in their possesion.

 This power was certainly needed in their battle to save the digital and human worlds as when equipped with the unstoppable force of the zero arms Orochi. Lucemon’s evil designs were quickly dropped into the recycle bin.

02. Omnimon Merciful Mode

By itself, the fusion of WarGerymon and MagnaGarurumon is no joke. Able to best opponents, like Diaboromon as well as assume the role of the Royal Knights heaviest hitter in other incarnations. However, when the digi destined faced off against the apocalyptic being, known as Ordinemon they would need to achieve an even higher level. By absorbing the power of the chosen children’s digimon, Omnimon entered its new merciful mode. Now adorned with angelic wings and an even more powerful set of weapons. Even Ordinemon’s unquenchable rage stood little chance against this powerhouse.

Omnimon Digimon

01. Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode

What’s the one certain way to defeat all evil? Well, you could simply fuse every single good Digimon from the digital world into one powerful being. That’s exactly, what the fiery Shoutmon and his partner Taiki managed to do, during the final battle against Bagramon’s forces. Elevating the already super-powerful X7 into its superior mode, this heroic Digimon was able to one-shot his seemingly invincible foe, in a matter of seconds, with the final cross blade. Like it or not this is your undisputed King of the digital world.

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